Marvellous Me

Marvellous Me

Here at Wood End, we use MarvellousMe to reward and encourage the children. MarvellousMe is a fun and motivational tool that encourages family conversations about school/pre-school and helps your child to do better. We use it to:

  • Activities: Tell you what your child is learning.
  • Badges: Tell you why staff have praised your child.
  • Messages: Send out brief messages to keep you up to date.

Please sign up to Marvellous Me.

Simply enter your unique join code and tap ‘Sign up’. (After you have logged in once, you won’t need the join code again.)

You need to sign a permission slip to confirm you have signed up for a MarvellousMe account. Signing this form will also inform us that you a) consent for staff to send images of your child through MarvellousMe, b) understand they may be shared with other parents of children in the same class, and c) you will not share images of any children online. The permission slip can be signed via ParentMail or via a paper form.

We regularly send out reminder letters to anyone who hasn’t signed up.

If you have any questions about how Wood End uses MarvellousMe, please get in touch.

(Please note: MarvellousMe is separate from ParentMail. We use both these systems to communicate with you – MarvellousMe is for rewards, ParentMail is for everything else! Please make sure you are signed up to both.)